Project Hannah
Project Hannah offers compassion, encouragement and hope to suffering women
worldwide through prayer, awareness and radio programming.

Peggy's Message

Dear friends, This month I have been meditating on the wonderful character and deeds of God. In Psalm 9 we see King David speak about God as our righteous judge. In the psalm, David praises the Lord for revealing His…


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There are many likely causes for the apparent failure of society in Haiti: weak infrastructure, extreme income inequality and a history of foreign interference, to name a few. As Christians, we recognize that the importance…


Today's Prayer Request August 30, 2016

Please pray for more to be done to help the Roma people get the job training they need so they no longer feel they have to send out their children to beg for money.

The children are sometimes beaten or starved if they do not bring a certain amount of money home each evening.

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