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Communication / Martha and Mary

Listen as a couple learns how to communicate positively instead of negatively. Mary and Martha needed to listen to how each other felt, and what Jesus had to say to them.

Transcripts: Full | Life | Soul

Suffering with Depression, Part 2

Here is help for those suffering from depression, with suggestions of common sense and medical approaches to help. Listen to the Bible’s advice for the depressed.

Transcripts: Full | Life | Soul

Suffering with Depression Part 1

Listen to how to recognize depression and some of its causes. The Bible has many stories of people who suffered all kinds of problems, including depression.

Transcripts: Full | Life | Soul

Guiding our Children

We need to take care of our children and train them to be obedient so that when they grow up they will be self disciplined.

Transcripts: Full | Life | Soul

Incontinence / Growing Older

Listen to a program about urinary Incontinence, an embarrassing problem common to many women. It provides information about how the condition can be treated and controlled.

Transcripts: Full | Life | Soul
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