Project Hannah


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Project Hannah Greeting

A special message from Project Hannah's new Global Ministry Director, Peggy Banks.
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A Legacy of Hope

Millions of women suffer in silence. But through a global prayer ministry in more than 120 countries and an international "Women of Hope" radio program in more than 60 languages, Project Hannah takes women out of a painful existence into a legacy of hope.
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Project Hannah Compassion in Action

Through Project Hannah, you can put God's compassion in action and be the hand of God wiping away the tears of the suffering women of this world. Share this 90 second video with friends and join Project Hannah in offering encouragement and hope to suffering women worldwide through prayer, awareness and radio programming.
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11 Willing Women, 1 Tiny Island: HOPE

In 1997, a dozen TWR missionary wives said "yes" to God. The result? God's hope for hurting women through "Women of Hope" programs in more than 60 languages and a prayer movement in more than 120 countries and more than 70 languages.
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Destination: Hope

Through TWR's Project Hannah ministry to women, God is leading women toward the destination of Hope. Watch this 9 minute video to learn more. Countless millions of women around the world face unimaginable horrors: wars that never seem to end, natural disasters sweeping away their families and homes, diseases taking away their futures, and the chains of poverty and illiteracy that leave them struggling to survive. Many are trapped in the silence of their pain, with no one to speak on their behalf. No one to listen. No one to bring them hope. A ministry of TWR, Project Hannah offers compassion, encouragement and hope to suffering women worldwide through prayer, awareness and radio programming. Project Hannah is leading women out of pain and loneliness and toward the destination of Hope.
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Gracia Burnham discusses Project Hannah with Marli Spieker

"Gracia Burnham has eaten the bread of affliction through the kidnapping ordeal she endured with her late husband, Martin,” said Project Hannah founder Marli Spieker. “But God does not waste our pain or our tears. He has turned Gracia’s into trophies of grace and glory.” You no doubt know of Gracia Burnham’s yearlong nightmare as a hostage in the Philippine jungle, and how her faith enabled her to endure that hardship and the loss of her husband. Sadly, millions of women around the world suffer unimaginable physical horrors and are ensnared in spiritual bondage. They struggle to reconcile their dreams with the seemingly unending hopelessness of their present reality, unable to see the grace beyond their tears because they do not know God’s love. Scroll over the video to share with a friend.
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