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Dear praying friend,

The topic for prayer this month is “for women to hunger for God.” Have you ever encountered hunger for God? When was that? What happened? What triggered you to have that hunger? Do you want to experience a new spiritual hunger for God this month? For you who have never felt hunger for God, would you like to experience the hunger for God?

Here are some ways that will help you to have a big appetite for God:

·         Spend time and be with God and worship Him.

·         Study His word and apply it in practice.

·         Listen to His Voice.

·         Recall what He has done in your life, recall how He saved your life, and also recall the many other ways that brought you closer to God.

May the Lord increase the hunger within us as we pray together this month. 

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With lots of love,

Ruth JE Mbennah

Project Hannah Regional Coordinator


PEGGY'S LETTER  encourages us to develop a deeper hunger for God through prayer and make room in our lives for more of God.



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Project Hannah strives to support and especially pray for women of all countries. Will you pray with us?

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