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Friendly Voices Bringing Joy (Hannah's Heartbeat Newsletter Article)

There are many likely causes for the apparent failure of society in Haiti: weak infrastructure, extreme income inequality and a history of foreign… read more


The Same God at Work (Hannah's Heartbeat Newsletter Article)

It has been a privilege to be carriers of the message of salvation and hope for Quichua-speaking women. Women of Hope in Quichua (Sumaj Pugyu), is… read more


"Women of Hope" Programs Make a Difference. Your Prayers Matter. (Hannah's Heartbeat Newsletter Article)

Our very first Facebook friend told us that her husband had made a long rope to kill her. But she told him, “The love of Jesus is stronger… read more


A Well-Nourished Tree in Ireland

Marli Spieker, founder and global ministry director of Project Hannah, enjoyed refreshment for body and soul along this small river running through… read more


Healing Voices - part I

I spent a day at a fistula hospital in Ethiopia and came face to face with young women finding healing and hope from devastation and despair. What… read more

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