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Incontinence / Growing Older

Listen to a program about urinary Incontinence, an embarrassing problem common to many women. It provides information about how the condition can be treated and controlled.

Transcripts: Full | Life | Soul

Katharine's Story / A Widow Gives

There are many ways we can give to others. Listen to what happens to a woman in the Bible who had almost nothing left, but she shared what she had.

Transcripts: Full | Life | Soul

Dealing with Fear / The Disciples Panic

Listen to the story of Yuni and her fears. The disciples had reason to fear when they looked at their surroundings. God understands your fear and is ready to help.

Transcripts: Full | Life | Soul

Tea / The First Christmas

Like tea leaves being brewed, when you get into "hot water" you give off your true flavor. Instead of giving in to the trouble, allow God to bring out the best in you!

Transcripts: Full | Life | Soul

The Christmas Story

Listen to the Christmas story right out of God's Word. Find out what's so special about this baby and why he is called a Savior.

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